Safeword reading v1



11/14/12 at Studio/Stage

(L-R) Mary Ostrow, Warren Davis, Kareem Ferguson, Lana Buss, Tracy Eliott, Anna DiGiovanni, and Nick Marcone

SAFEWORD by Callie Kimball
directed by Richard Tatum

Longing. Guilt. Forgiveness. Grace. A mysterious package of letters. SAFEWORD lays bare the secrets and struggles of two suburban Washington DC families and asks us why is it so much easier to get what we need from strangers? A play that explores the unconventional ways people search for emotional and physical release. This play was a semifinalist at the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference.

Bears reading


11/26/12 at Lankershim Arts Center



L-R (Karen Jean Olds, Michael Hanson, Jim Beaver, and Tracy Eliott)

BEARS by Mark Rigney
directed by Richard Tatum

The world is going to hell in a hand-basket, but neither Growl Bear nor Timmy Bear, two grizzlies stuck in a suddenly deserted zoo, have the least idea what a hand-basket might be. Enter Suzie Wild Bear, a committed loner brought to the zoo for breeding purposes. As the zoo shuts down around them, the three bears form an alliance and escape to the wilderness. BEARS is a story of where we are, where we might be going and how sometimes a voice in the dark and the stars above are all the poetry we need.