The Girl Who Would Be King
The Girl Who Would Be King
inspired by the Mark Twain story
“A Medieval Romance”

written by Jan O’Connor
directed by Richard Tatum
produced by Absolute Theatre and
Full Circle Theatrics, LLC

In this modern day comedic fairy tale, a struggle for power leads to deceit, gender identity crisis, and ultimately true love. Even though this satirical fairy tale takes place in medieval times, it is told through the perspective of a modern day storyteller. We are forced to now ask the question: Have things really changed as much as we think? The Girl Who Would Be King has a playful and insightful manner of challenging traditional gender roles.

The Girl Who Would Be King
starred: Adriana Bate (the Duchess), J. Blakemore*(Old Guard, Chancellor, etc), Riley Rose Critchlow (Basil), Warren Davis (the Duke), Shelley Delayne (Storyteller), Tracy Eliott (Storyteller), Sean Faye (Charisma/Heinz), Whitton Frank (Princess Clotilda), Ross Gottstein (the King) and Patty Jean Robinson (Ladies in Waiting).

Photos by Christopher Moscatiello

Nominated for two LA Weekly Awards
“Best of 2010” in the Ventura County Star
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