Backstage Critic’s Pick

by AbsoluteTheatre on July 1, 2010

Jeff Favre calls it “playfully and sharply directed” with “loads of laughs and no dull moments.”  Read in its entirety here.

First Glowing Review

by AbsoluteTheatre on June 27, 2010

Jose Ruiz calls it “a delightful and charmingly lighthearted romp” and says it should be placed “high up on anybody’s ‘must see’ list.”  Read the whole thing here.


by AbsoluteTheatre on June 25, 2010

Interview with Richard Tatum about “The Girl Who Would Be King”.  Read it here!

KPFK Interview

by AbsoluteTheatre on June 21, 2010

Rita Gonzales interviews director Richard Tatum and cast members Riley Rose Critchlow and Whitton Frank about “The Girl Who Would Be King”! Click play to listen to the interview:

Audio MP3

Our New Website!

by AbsoluteTheatre on June 9, 2010

We are so excited to launch our new website for our new theatre production company as we prepare to open our first production.